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CONSEC’07 : Fifth International Conference on Concrete under Severe Conditions Environment and Loading
TOURS, France - June 4-6, 2007
Saturday 5 November 2005 , Françoise Bourgain, Hélène Skoutarides, Jean-Olivier Laval

The 5th international Conference on Concrete under Severe Conditions of Environment and Loading (CONSEC’07) will be held in Tours, France, from June 4-6, 2007.

The objective of the CONSEC Conferences is to focus on concrete infrastructures, either subjected to severe environment or severe loading, or any combination of severe conditions.

Experience from the performance of existing concrete structures, and especially under severe environmental conditions, severe accidental loading or extended lifespan, has demonstrated the need for better integration of structural and durability design, new design concepts including reliability-based durability design, performance-based material requirements, and an improved basis for documentation of obtained construction quality and durability properties during concrete construction. An improved basis for operation and preventive maintenance of concrete structures including repairs and retrofitting is also very important.

Premature corrosion of reinforcing steel, inadequate structural design for seismic or blast loading, are examples of reduced service life of concrete structures that not only represent technical and economical problems, but also a huge waste of natural resources and hence also, an environmental and ecological problem. Experience of structures effectively submitted to severe conditions represents a unique benchmark for quantifying the actual safety and durability margin of concrete structures. In fact for several reasons, most concrete design codes, job specifications and other requirements for concrete structures have frequently shown to yield insufficient and unsatisfactory results and ability to solve the above problems, as well as issues raised by specific very long-term or very severe requirements for nuclear and industrial waste management, or civil works of strategic relevance. Recently available high to ultra-high performance concrete may find rational and valuable application in such cases. It is very important, therefore, to bring people with different professional backgrounds together to exchange experience and develop multi-disciplinary ideas in order to improve the current situation.

The previous CONSEC conferences were held in Sapporo, Japan (1995) ; Tromsø, Norway (1998) ; Vancouver, Canada (2001), and Seoul, South Korea (2004). The exchange of information included detailed survey of existing structures, well-designed laboratory tests, case analyses using durability mechanics and refined concrete modeling, presentations of (ultra)-high performance concrete solutions for projects with (ultra)-severe environments, loadings or long lifespan, and proposals for new design concepts and codes. From these conferences which were highly successful events with about 300 participants from up to 37 countries, the peer-reviewed papers have been published in a series of Proceedings with significant archival value.

Call for papers:

One-page abstracts (300 to 400 words) are invited on the following topics :

1. Performance of concrete under severe environment
- Long-term performance of existing structures
- Long-term exposure tests and model validation
- Characterization of severe environments and related performance of concrete structures (climate, corrosion-inducing conditions, chemical and biological attacks, leaching, radioactive exposure)
- Climate changes anticipation applied to requirements for concrete structures

2. Performance of concrete under severe loading
- Seismic resistance of concrete structures High strain-rate performance of concrete structures
- Performance of concrete structures submitted to thermal, blast or impact loadings
- Protective ability of concrete structures against extreme events due to natural, industrial or human hazards Fire performance and fire engineering of concrete structures
- Effects of combined severe loading conditions, abrasion, hydraulic wear, possibly associated with severe environmental conditions

3. New design concepts and methods for long-term performance, robustness with respect to loading hazards and sustainability of concrete structures
- Durability design of new concrete structures Performance-based specifications and requirements for concrete durability
- New design concepts for resistance and robustness vs. accidental loadings
- Durability mechanics and models for the management of ageing concrete structures
- Reliability-based concepts for the design and management of concrete structures
- Concrete structures for sustainable development

4. New and special concrete for (ultra-)severe conditions
- Durability performance of new (ultra-) high performance concrete Performance of new and special concrete vs. fatigue and dynamic loadings

5. Repair and strengthening of under-performing structures
- Efficiency of traditional or innovative repair techniques under severe conditions Performance-based specifications and requirements for repair of concrete buildings

6. Operation and preventive maintenance of existing concrete structure
- Life cycle costing and engineering for concrete structures under sever e conditions

The official language of the conference is English

Conference deadlines

- Extended deadline for abstract submission : March 24, 2006
- Acceptation des résumés 1er juin 2006
- Deadline for paper submission October 1, 2006
- Camera-ready papers (final submission - authors registration)January 30, 2007
- Final announcement - deadline of early registration March 1, 2007
- CONSEC’07 conference June 4-6, 2007

Abstracts (including the corresponding author coordinates) should be submitted
- through web site or
- by e-mail (plus one printed copy by regular mail) to :

CONSEC’07 Conference Secretariat

c/o Mrs. Françoise BOURGAIN
Ponts Formation Edition
28 rue des Saints Pères, 75343 Paris CEDEX 07, France
Tel. +(33) 1 44 58 28 22 - Fax +(33) 1 44 58 28 30 -
Email :


The conference will be held in the congress center Le Vinci in the heart of Tours downtown, which is located within easy walking distance of the city’s cathedral and monuments, best shopping, theatres, galleries, and hotel facilities See

Tours, capital city of the « garden of France », is located in the heart of the Loire Valley, recognized by UNESCO as World cultural Heritage.
Tours is connected by high speed railway (call it in French « TGV ») to Paris-Montparnasse railway station in downtown (55 mn) and Paris International Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (1 h 35).
The city has been growing around St Martin’s thumb and kept plenty of middle-aged and Renaissance picturesque houses and monuments. Successive times left to Tours modern testimonies, while keeping a unique typical secret of French taste and harmony.
Around Tours, you will enjoy the Loire Valley, its famous vineyards, wild river scenes and kings’ castles. The weather in Tours is generally pleasant, sunny (227 h/month) and mild in June with average temperatures between 12 and 22°C. See

Registration fee

The conference registration fee including attendance and proceedings, lunch, banquet dinner, reception and coffee breaks, should be approximately:
- Before March 1, 2007 : 750 € TTC
- After March 1, 2007 : 850 € TTC
- Special rate for students : 350 € TTC (for students validly registered before Ph. D.- covers registration received before March 1, 2007, lunches, proceedings, no banquet)


A products and services exhibit will be open during the conference. If you are interested in having a display booth, please contact the conference Secretariat.

Social program

Social and cultural activities in Tours and around will be proposed during the sessions for accompanying persons, including a possible one-day trip to Paris upon demand.

A one-day post-conference tour will be organized including a visit to technically significant sites and if possible one major cultural spot of the Châteaux de la Loire and possibly a typical Loire Valley winery.

Reply form

This is NOT the application form for the conference. This is the form to request further information on the conference, which you will receive by email as soon as it is available. With this form you can also tell us that you are interested in presenting a paper and/or exhibiting or that you intend to sponsor the conference in any form. In either case we will provide you with the appropriate information.

- Title ..........................................................
- Last Name ...........................................................
- First Name ...........................................................
- Organization ...........................................................
- Adress ...........................................................
- Telephone ............................................................
- Fax .............................................................
- e-mail ..............................................................

  • I intend to present a paper
  • I am interested in sponsoring
  • I wish to display products / services and I am interested in a display booth

    Please send any information to :

    CONSEC’07 Conference Secretariat,

    c/o Mrs. Françoise BOURGAIN
    Ponts Formation Edition
    28 rue des Saints Pères, 75343 Paris CEDEX 07, France
    Tel. +(33) 1 44 58 28 22 - Fax +(33) 1 44 58 28 30 -
    Email :

    Organizing committee

- Dr François TOUTLEMONDE, LCPC (Conference chairman)
- Mrs Françoise BOURGAIN, Ponts Formation Editions (Conference Secretariat)
- Mrs Danièle CHAUVEL, Electricité de France
- Mrs Anne BERNARD-GELY, Cimbéton
- Mrs Hélène SKOUTARIDES, Ponts Formation Editions
- Pr François BUYLE-BODIN, Ministère de l’Equipement, DRAST / RGCU
- Pr Jean-Pierre OLLIVIER, INSA Toulouse, AUGC
- Pr Jean-Michel TORRENTI, IRSN, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan
- Pr André COLSON, Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics
- Dr Rémi POCHAT, Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées
- Dr Paul ACKER, Lafarge
- Mr Emmanuel BOUCHON, SETRA
- Mr Michel GUERINET, Eiffage

Scientific committee

- Dr François TOUTLEMONDE LCPC, France (chair)
- Pr. Mohammad SHEKARCHI-ZADEH, Tehran University, Iran
- Pr Koji SAKAI Kagawa University, Japan (co-chair)
- Pr Odd E. GJØRV Norwegian Univ. of Sci. and Technol., Norway (co-chair)
- Pr Nemkumar BANTHIA University of British Columbia, Canada (co-chair)
- Pr Noru GOWRIPALAN University New South Wales Australia
- Pr Geert DE SCHUTTER University of Ghent Belgium
- Pr Bernard ESPION Université libre de Bruxelles Belgium
- Pr Jean-Marc FRANSSEN Université de Liège Belgium
- Pr Eduardo FAIRBAIRN Federal University Rio de Janeiro Brazil
- Pr Vivek BINDIGANAVILE University of Alberta Canada
- Pr Luke BISBY Queen’s University Canada
- Dr Mohammed BOULFIZA University of Saskatchewan Canada
- Dr Daniel CUSSON National Research Council Canada
- Pr Jacques MARCHAND Université Laval Canada
- Pr Patrick PAULTRE Université de Sherbrooke Canada
- Pr Jean-François TROTTIER Dalhousie University Canada
- Pr Patrice BAILLY Université d’Oréans - ENSI Bourges France
- Dr Véronique BAROGHEL-BOUNY LCPC France
- Dr Benoît BARY CEA France
- Dr Véronique BOUTEILLER LCPC France
- Dr Bruno CAPRA Oxand France
- Dr Gilles CHANVILLARD Lafarge France
- Dr Thierry CHAUSSADENT LCPC France
- Dr Christian CREMONA LCPC France
- Pr Laurent DAUDEVILLE INPGrenoble France
- Pr Raoul FRANÇOIS INSA Toulouse France
- Mr Bruno GODART LCPC France
- Pr Christophe LANOS INSA Rennes France
- Dr Robert LE ROY ENPC France
- Dr Philippe LUSSOU LCPC France
- Mrs. Brigitte MAHUT LCPC France
- Pr Jacky MAZARS INPGrenoble France
- Pr Alain MILLARD CEA France
- Dr Albert NOUMOWE Université Cergy France
- Pr Jean-Pierre OLLIVIER INSA Toulouse France
- Dr Pascal PERROTIN ESIGEChambéry France
- Pr Christophe PETIT Université de Limoges France
- Dr Pierre PIMIENTA CSTB France
- Dr Patrick ROUGEAU CERIB France
- Dr Alain SELLIER INSA de Toulouse France
- Pr Jean-Michel TORRENTI IRSN France
- Mr Jean-Pierre TOURET EDF SEPTEN France
- Pr Wolfgang KUSTERLE University Appl Sciences Regensburg Germany
- Dr Birgit MENG BAM Berlin Germany
- Pr Günther MESCHKE University Ruhr Bochum Germany
- Pr Hans-Wolf REINHARDT Univ Stuttgart Germany
- Pr David YANKELEVSKY Technion Israel
- Pr Marco DI PRISCO Politecnico di Milano Italy
- Dr Roberto FELICETTI Politecnico di Milano Italy
- Dr Alberto MEDA University of Bergamo Italy
- Dr Toshiki AYANO Okayama University Japan
- Pr Kazunori FUJIKAKE National Defence Academy Japan
- Dr Tetsuya ISHIDA University of Tokyo Japan
- Dr Kenji KAWAI Hiroshima University Japan
- Dr Yasuhiko SATO Hokkaido University Japan
- Dr Kimitaka UJI Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan
- Pr Byung Hwan OH Seoul National University Korea
- Dr Jaap WEERHEIJM TNO Netherlands
- Pr Ion Radu PASCU UTCB Romania
- Dr Mark G ALEXANDER University of Cape Town South Africa
- Dr Carmen ANDRADE Institute Eduardo Torroja Spain
- Pr Ezio CADONI Univ Appl Sci Lugano Switzerland
- Pr Karen SCRIVENER EPFLausanne Switzerland
- Pr Venkatesh KODUR Michigan State University USA
- Dr Luis Javier MALVAR Naval Facilities Eng SC USA
- Pr Victor SAOUMA University of Colorado Boulder USA

Advisory committee

- Dr Pierre ROSSI LCPC France
- Pr Herbert MANG TU Wien Austria
- Pr Luc TAERWE University of Ghent Belgium
- Pr Paulo HELENE University of Sao Paulo Brasil
- Pr Pierre-Claude AITCIN Université de Sherbrooke Canada
- Pr R Douglas HOOTON University of Toronto Canada
- Pr Bruno MASSICOTTE Ecole PolytechniqueMontréal Canada
- Pr Shamim SHEIKH University of Toronto Canada
- Pr Vesa PENTTALA Helsinki University of Technology Finnland
- Pr Philippe BISCH Séchaud et Metz France
- Dr François DE LARRARD LCPC France
- Pr Alain EHRLACHER ENPC France
- Mrs. Elisabeth MARIE-VICTOIRE LRMH France
- Pr Gilles PIJAUDIER-CABOT Ecoel Centrale de Nantes France
- Mr Jean-François SIDANER COGEMA France
- Pr Thanassis TRIANTAFILLOU University of Patras Greece
- Pr György L. BALASZ Budapest University of Technology Hungary
- Pr Konstantin KOVLER Technion Israel
- Pr Pietro GAMBAROVA Politecnico di Milano Italy
- Pr Giuseppe MANCINI Politecnico di Torino Italy
- Pr Giovanni PLIZZARI University of Bergamo Italy
- Pr Koichi MAEKAWA University of Tokyo Japan
- Pr Kyuichi MARUYAMA Nagaoka University of Technology Japan
- Pr Hirozo MIHASHI Tohoku University Japan
- Pr Toyoaki MIYAGAWA Kyoto University Japan
- Dr Takafumi NOGUCHI University of Tokyo Japan
- Pr Ryoichi SATO Hiroshima University Japan
- Pr Motoyuki SUZUKI Tohoku University Japan
- Pr Tamon UEDA Hokkaido University Japan
- Pr Taketo UOMOTO University of Tokyo Japan
- Dr Hiroshi YOKOTA Port and Airport Research Institute Japan
- Pr Young-Soo YOON Korea University Korea
- Pr Algirda Jonas NOTKUS Vilnius Gediminal TU Lithuania
- Ir Hans DE VRIES Bouwdienst Rijkswaterstaat The Netherlands
- Pr Klaas VAN BREUGEL TU Delft The Netherlands
- Pr Joost WALRAVEN TU Delft The Netherlands
- Pr Karl V HOISETH NTNU, Trondheim Norway
- Pr Stefan JACOBSEN NTNU, Trondheim Norway
- Mr Tor O OLSEN Dr Techn Olav Olsen as Norway
- Dr Adam WYSOKOWSKI Road & Bridge Research Institute Poland
- Dr Anders LINDVALL Chalmers University of Technology Sweden
- Pr Bertil PERSSON Lund Institute of Technology Sweden
- Pr Eugen BRÜHWILER EPFLausanne Switzerland
- Pr Jan G M VAN MIER Federal Inst. of Technology Zurich Switzerland
- Dr Mohammad ZINEDDIN American University in Dubai UAE
- Dr Alan J WATSON University of Sheffield UK
- Dr Jonathan WOOD Structural Studies and Design Ltd UK
- Pr Theodor KRAUTHAMMER Penn State University USA
- Pr Antoine E NAAMAN University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA
- Pr Surendra P SHAH Northwestern University USA


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