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23rd World Road Congress - Paris 2007 - September 17th - 21th
The choice for sustainable development
Wednesday 9 November 2005 , Elisabeth Wattebled, Jean-Olivier Laval


- by Dominique PERBEN - French Minister for Transport, Infrastructure, Tourism and the Sea.

In 1908, Paris hosted the first world Road congress which was to lead to the creation of PIARC, the World Road Association. At that time, the aim was to organise communication between nations for the purpose of comparing their different experiences in the field of road transport.

Today, the international road transport community is facing new challenges: a consumer of scarce fossil fuels and a major contributor to atmospheric imbalance, it must nevertheless meet the worldwide rise in demand for transport and the in creasing exchanges of an ever more globalised economy

In this context, I am delighted that this next Congress has taken sustainable development as its main theme, with each of us being called upon to look closely at our responsibilities to users, to the populations served, to our fellow citizens and also to future generations

Responding effectively to the expectations of today’s populations whilst preserving the necessary capacity for future populations is a challenge which will prompt the road transport community to use all of its creativity and all of its technological prowess, the legacy of a century of expansion.

France has always considered that the processes of international discussions lead to common benefits. It is for this reason that I am particularly proud to welcome the centenary Congress to Paris in September 2007. I believe it will constitute a productive and friendly stage on the road to sustainable development

- by Colin JORDAN - Président of the World Road Association (PIARC).

On behalf of the world Road Association (PIARC), I invite you to participate in the 23rd World Road Congress.

It will be a special event, as it will celebrate the centenary of the formation of PIARC following the first World Road Congress in Paris in 1908.

The Congress will provide a forum for professionals from all over the world in every facet of the development, management and operation of roads and road transport and their contribution to the betterment of humankind. There will be special emphasis on the needs of developing and transition countries.

Conference sessions will both report the results of PIARC’s work over the last four years and also look forward at key issues and challenges facing the sector through special sessions on a range of topics including, as befits a centenary Congress, preservation of our heritage

In short, the attractions of this Congress are many: the beautiful city of Paris, celebration of PIARC’s centenary and an unparalleled opportunity for professional development, networking, learning and fun. Mark the dates in your diaries now and I look forward to greeting you in Paris in September 2007

- to download a print version
- to the congress site


“ development which responds to the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to respond to their needs ”. 1987 - Mrs Gro Harlem Bruntdland, the Norwegian Prime Minister.

During the last century, road transport operators throughout the world sought to respond to the desire for economic development which was driving society. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the realisation - which first emerged in the 1970s - of the need to integrate social equity and ecological prudence in economic development models has become widespread.

What road transport policies should be pursued in order to encourage economic and social progress without jeopardising the natural balance of the planet? This is the fundamental question which we will be tackling together in all its aspects throughout this week of work and visits


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The work being carried out within PIARC, following a four-year cycle that culminates with the Paris congress, is structured around the following four strategic themes:

TS1 governance and management of the road system
- What are the challenges confronting road administrations to ensure that road systems meet the socio-economic development needs of different countries?

TS2 Sustainable mobility
- How to encourage the development of road transport policies which result in outcomes that are beneficial to communities in terms of sustainable and safe mobility and which take account of the need for integration with other modes of transport.

TS3 Safety and road operations
- How to improve the efficiency of the road system for the movement of people and goods whilst effectively managing the human and environmental risks associated with transport operations.

TS4 Quality of road infrastructures
- How to ensure the efficient management of road assets by integrating all infrastructure components and taking account of the expectations of users and surrounding communities.


There will be four types of session lasting seven half-days:

- strategic direction sessions, focusing on a forward-looking examination of issues in the field of road transport, with reference to the four themes of the Congress.
- technical sessions, based on the work of the Technical Committees, national reports prepared by member countries and individual contributions.
- special sessions, dealing with specific or multi-disciplinary subjects and involving other international associations.
- poster sessions, at which selected individual contributions will be presented.

1/the strategic direction sessions

There will be a special session given over to each of the four strategic themes.

2/technical sessions

These 19 sessions will be devoted to the presentation and discussion of the main results of the projects carried out and publications produced since the last Congress. The debates will concern future directions for PIARC projects in the field of roads and road transport.

- C1.1 Road System Economics
- C1.2 Financing Road System Investment
- C1.3 Performance of Road Administrations
- C1.4 Management of Network Operations
- C2.1 Sustainable Development and Road Transport
- C2.2 Interurban Roads and Integrated Interurban Transport
- C2.3 Urban Areas and Integrated Urban Transport
- C2.4 Freight Transport and Intermodality
- C2.5 Rural Roads and Accessibility
- C3.1 Road Safety
- C3.2 Risk Management for Roads
- C3.3 Road Tunnels Operation
- C3.4 Winter Maintenance
- C4.1 Management of Road Infrastructure Assets
- C4.2 Road/Vehicle Interaction
- C4.3 Road Pavements
- C4.4 Road Bridges and Related Structures
- C4.5 Earthworks, Drainage and Subgrade
- T Terminology and Translation Assistance

3/Special sessions

The Congress will include twenty special sessions. These will highlight the issues connected with each subject covered, comparing the approaches of the various parties involved and evaluating the wide range of situations encountered and the responses of the different countries.

The subjects of these sessions (to be fully defined early in 2006) include:
- Road safety issues and policies in developing countries
- What will be the impact of intermodality?
- Assessing public policies in the field of road transport
- Disasters and crisis situations: how road administrations deal with them
- How vulnerable are road systems to climate change?
- Major technological innovations and their benefits in the field of roads and road transport
- Research and public policies in support of innovation
- How to manage the historical heritage of roads
- Road network management issues in developing countries
- What training do personnel need in the field of road transport in order to meet the challenges of the future?

4/the poster sessions

There will be a half-day poster session for each of the chosen contributions.


Road pricing at the heart of the ministers’ session

Can road pricing be a tool for intermodal policy and sustainable development? Is it a means of traffic control? Or is it a barrier to free trade and a discriminatory factor?
These are just some of the questions to be addressed during the ministers’ session, which will enable all of us to learn how the ministers responsible for roads from five continents view road pricing.

100 years of road history: a look back - and forwards

The Paris Congress will mark the centenary of the World Road Congress with two commemorative events:
- A conference devoted to an historical examination of changes in road trans¬port and its social acceptability over the course of the 20th century.
- An exhibition tracing 100 years of roads throughout the world.

Presentation of the 2007 PIARC Awards

PIARC organises a competition open to all professionals in the road and road transport sector.
Seven awards will be presented during the Congress to which a member of each winning team will be invited with all expenses paid.
Applications must be submitted by May 2006 for inclusion in the initial selections to be carried out in each country.

for further information :


The Congress exhibition is a chance to meet experts, professi nals and contractors, to share ideas and experiences from each country, to learn about projects and techniques from five continents and to strengthen the formal and informal links between road professionals.
With 10,000 m² of exhibition space located close to the conference rooms, you will be communicating with a specialist audience that is focused on your business. The stands on which you will present your products and services will be an ideal platform for meeting current and prospective customers.

Would you like to reserve an exhibition space?
Please contact: Mrs Pascale Pouyet
- Tél : +33 4 72 77 45 50 / Fax. +33 4 72 77 45 77


100 years after the first Congress, you can be a part of this major event as one of its financial supporters. This 23rd World Congress offers companies in the road sector a unique opportunity for promotion and gives them a high profile.
- “Privileged” sponsor: you will have exclusive sponsorship rights for one of the Congress highlights, with a high profile throughout the event.
- “Partner” sponsor: your presence in the publications associated with the Congress will be noticed.

Would you like more information on the various sponsorship options?
Please contact:
- Tél. +33 1 40 81 18 81 / Fax. +33 1 40 81 18 66


You will have many opportunities to participate in technical visits throughout the congress. for information on technical visits, please go to

here are a few examples:

Sustainable mobility
Presentation of equipment designed to improve traffic flow on the motorways around Paris:
- Data processing and collection, visits to various traffic management centres (in small groups).
- Presentation of real-time traffic flow management on motorways and express roads (travel to sites).

Technical projects

- Visit to the viaduct bypassing the town of Meaux (close to Paris), an elaborate 1,200-metre long structure distinguished by its innovative construction.
- linking of the second ring road around Paris by means of an 11 km long large diameter tunnel with two levels of traffic. A visit to the building site and an interactive area devoted to safety issues with a 1,200 m² multimedia exhibition area.

Research and development on safety and the environment
- Visit to Vestapolis. The result of joint work by a large number of companies and institutions, this research and development centre presents the themes of safety and environmental protection connected with private and public road transport in the urban environment.
- Visit to the Colas Group’s science and technology campus: 80 engineers and technicians work here on the development of new products for road construction and maintenance. The purpose of these innovations is to improve comfort and safety for road users while respecting the environment.
- Visit to Eurovia’s research centre near Bordeaux (travel by air). Opened in November 2003, this research and development centre covers an area of 4,000 m2, which includes 1,900 m2 of laboratories. It houses an exceptional range of equipment, with 100 testing machines.


In addition to their participation in ceremonies and the gala dinner, registered accompanying persons will be able to enjoy a specially-designed programme throughout the week which includes fashion, culture and relaxation, introdu cing them to the many different facets of Parisian life

Tuesday, September 18

- Visit to the marais district and the Musée d’Orsay
Stroll through the heart of Paris! With both history and contemporary art, the Marais district is where you will find the latest trends, with a mix of artists, designers, shops, restaurants, museums, and much more. You can visit the great houses of the 16th century, the Place des Vosges or the Musée d’Orsay, a museum devoted to impressionism.

Wednesday, September 19

- Shopping at the Galeries Lafayette
The most famous and most spectacular of all the Parisian department stores awaits you! All the leading fashion labels are brought together under its famous domed roof. After a guided tour, you will be able to do some private shopping or attend specialised workshops (make-up, interior design, etc).

- Tasting
France’s wines and cheeses will no longer hold any secrets for you thanks to this workshop on the preparation of French regional dishes, presented by a wellknown delicatessen.

Thursday, September 20

- In search of the history of Paris
You will visit the Château of Versailles,one of the key sites in France’s history, and discover the main monuments of Paris. A river cruise with commentary will ena- ble you to admire Paris’s famous bridges and learn about the history of the French capital.

- In the heart of champagne
You will visit the Château of the Princes de Condé and then the champagne cellars of the internationally-renowned House of Mumm. You will then visit Reims Cathedral, a true gothic masterpiece.

Friday, September 21 (morning)

- Visit to Père-Lachaise Cemetery
Discover a cemetery which is unlike any other in the world, where art and nature come together. A true “garden of rest”, landscaped cemetery, created along lines of a landscaped garden, contains the tombs of many famous French and international figures.

for further information ...


We are offering you five stays to disco-ver all the aspects of our country.

Normandy: country of land and sea (2 days)
You will discover Giverny and Monet’s house before reaching the coast near Deauville, via the Abbey of Jumièges.
The next day you will visit Honfleur and its port and discover the well-known Tancarville Bridge. After admiring the famous Cliffs of Étretat, you will return to Paris via Les Andelys and its Château Gaillard.

Bordeaux and the Bassin d’Arcachon (4 days)
Visits to vineyards, wine tastings and sophisticated cuisine are on the programme for this trip, which will take you on the trail of renowned French wines to Cognac, Saint-Emilion, Montbazillac and Sauternes.
You will also visit Arcachon and then enjoy a boat trip, seeing the Pila Dune and Ile aux Oiseaux, with a stop along the way at Cap Ferret. Finally, you will visit Saintes before taking the road back to Paris.

The Puy-de-dôme and the Millau Viaduct (3 days)
The highest volcano in the Puys Range, the Puy-de-Dôme is the startingpoint for your discovery of the Auvergne.
You will admire the impressive Millau Viaduct, then visit the cellars where the Roquefort Company matures its cheeses. After a stop at the Michelin Information Centre, with presentations retracing the whole history of the famous tyre maker, there will be free time for exploring Clermont-Ferrand

Eurotunnel (2 days)*
You will visit the site of the Channel Tunnel a real technological feat, 50 kilometres long, linking France and Britain. Your visit will be followed by a trip along the Channel coast.

2007 Rugby World Cup match (1 day)*
As a privileged spectator, you will watch the France vs. Ireland match at the Stade de France. Opened in 1998, this structure, with its elegant silhouette resembling a spaceship is the largest stadium in France, holding up to 100,000 spectators.

Prices and conditions of sale will be available in January 2007 on:

* There may be changes to this programme


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